Welcome to Walking Tennis an adapted form of Tennis that is more inclusive, easier to learn, and great fun. 

The Walking Tennis Association is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to grow the game of Walking Tennis by promoting activities for players, training for coaches, and support to venues.

WALKING TENNIS "two formats one game"


Walking Tennis 1 is played normally indoors and on a badminton size court. This format offers an ideal way to developing your tennis skills and stay playing throughout the year.


Walking Tennis 2 is played on a full size tennis court with the option of a second bounce. If your new to the game or haven't played for a longtime this format is ideal for you.



Susan (walking tennis player)

Henleaze Tennis Club (walking tennis venue)

Susan (walking tennis player)

"I was a bit nervous about going to my first session but it was great!

I’ve meet so many people and socially it’s been fantastic – it’s so much more than just tennis. I don’t just sit at home wondering what I’m going to do anymore and I’ve made some great friends through it. It’s given me a lot more confidence to go into a group and mix in." 


Matt (walking tennis coach)

Henleaze Tennis Club (walking tennis venue)

Susan (walking tennis player)

"I have been coaching a Walking Tennis groups since May 2019. The group has had a variety of players, beginners, older players who haven’t been able to play tennis for a long time and people returning to the game after an injury.

All the players have improved with some even joining the club and moving on to playing standard tennis as well as Walking Tennis. The sessions being during the off peak times has been very useful for me and they are always enjoyable to coach." 


Henleaze Tennis Club (walking tennis venue)

Henleaze Tennis Club (walking tennis venue)

Henleaze Tennis Club (walking tennis venue)

"This has been a real success for the club. Walking Tennis adds considerably to our ‘offer’. We are proud now to have a programme that enables those who have had injuries or operations to take a slow approach to returning to the full game. Amongst the Walking Tennis members there are some who we expect to gain in confidence and begin to think about playing the full game."

Help us to help others

The Walking Tennis Association is a not-for-profit CIC. We have seen first hand the benefits that Walking Tennis can bring to individuals and communities. Our programmes reach out to all sectors of society and have helped support individuals with both health and societal needs. We need continued financial support so we can continue projects around the country. Thank you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walking Tennis?

Walking Tennis is a simplified version of the traditional game. The rules have been tweaked a little to make the game less demanding physically. There are two versions of the game an indoor version played on a badminton size court (Walking Tennis 1) and an outdoor version played on a full-size (Walking Tennis 2). 

Who can play?

Walking Tennis can be played by everyone, but it particularly suits players who are less physically able due to age, health conditions or tennis skills.

Where can I play it?

Walking Tennis is growing all the time and more clubs/venues are offering it as part of their programme. We recommend you contact your local club/venue to ask them if they are offering Walking Tennis classes. 

What equipment do I need to play?

Slightly different equipment is used depending on Walking Tennis 1 and Walking Tennis 2. For Walking Tennis 1 a Tennis Red ball is used with a 21" racket and for Walking Tennis 2 a Tennis Orange ball is used with a full-size racket.

What are the rules?

The rules are very much the same as the regular game with a few tweaks, the principle difference is that both options allow the OPTION of a second bounce if you need one.

I'm a Coach and would like to teach Walking Tennis, where do I start?

Great! We're really excited about how Walking Tennis can bring tennis to a much wider audience. The Walking Tennis Association is all about supporting you to make your programme a success. To receive your FREE starter pack pleases get in touch using the contact form.

We're a Club and would like to host Walking Tennis sessions, what do we need to do?

Firstly thank you for showing an interest. Walking Tennis is a great addition to club programmes as it keeps people playing the game and also can attract lapsed players back into tennis. To get you started we've produced a starter pack giving you all the information that you might need. To claim your FREE starter pack please use the club contact form.

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